Political economy course – materials online

The majority of the course materials have been uploaded and are now available online. We have made use of free online software called Trello to develop the course library or repository. Click here to link  to the public repository of course materials. You will be taken to the ARD course repository board – a screenshot of which appears below.

What the course repository looks like

Course Trello Board

You will see that the board combines a number of lists. Each list is made up of a series of cards.  These lists include:

  • Information about the course
  • The course programme or session plan
  • The course guides for participants and facilitators and additional activity materials
  • The course presentations

As you scroll across the board from left to right you will see that we still need to add cards to  some of the lists such as the presentation video links. We are busy editing the videod presentations which will be uploaded to YouTube. The links to the presentation videos will be added as the editing of each video is completed.

Accessing the materials linked to a card

To access or download the course materials click on a card. The card flips over to reveal what is on the back. Each card contains a description of its content. It also has a link to the materials which are attached to it. As you click through the cards you will see that the type of materials available vary from card to card. In the example below we have clicked on the Participants’ course guide card which reveals a link to a Google doc.

Course guide Google doc link

Click on the link to open the Google doc. This can be edited and changed by you should you wish to adapt the course materials for your own use. To make use of Google docs and other free tools you will need to open a Google  email account.

Google docs are free and can be shared with others by sending them a a link. This means that you can work together and collaborate on the same document at the same time. This makes Google docs a valuable  tool for working in teams.  You can also covert the Google doc and download it as a PDF or in Word format on to your computer. You can also view and work with Google docs from a smart phone or a tablet. All changes you make are saved in real time. This means that you cannot lose your documents which are saved on Google servers in the cloud.

Screengrab Google doc

Downloading a Google doc and saving it in other formats

To download a Google doc as a Word or PDF document:

  1. Click on the link to open the Google doc
  2. Once the Google doc opens pull down the file menu
  3. Scroll down and click on Download as…
  4. Select the format you want from the menu of options which appears
  5. Downlaod and save the file to your computer

Cards with multiple download formats

You will see that some cards make the same resource available in different formats

Presentation card

The card above provides the links to a presentation made on the course. When you are in the repository you can either:

  • Click on the PDF to download the presentation in Notes View. This presents each slide on a separate page together with any notes which the presenter prepared to provide more information about the content of the slide
  • Click on  the PPTX to download the presentation as a PowerPoint document.

About Trello

You can open your own account on http://www.trello.com. The basic version of Trello is free. You can also upgrade and pay for more features should you need additional functionality.

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